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Engagement Rate (ER) vs. Social Interaction Index (SSI)
Engagement Rate (ER) vs. Social Interaction Index (SSI)

Discover the key distinctions between Engagement Rate and Social Interaction Index, two metrics for gauging engagement on Facebook Pages

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 📊 Engagement Rate (ER) and Social Interaction Index (SII) are two helpful metrics that measure how engaging your (or your competitors') Facebook Page is.

You can spot both of them in Analytics (the "Summary" and "Engagement" tabs) and Reports (pages in .pdf reports: "Engagement Rate" and "Social Interaction Index").

But what sets them apart? Let's dive in and find out!

Engagement Rate vs Social Interaction Index in NapoleonCat

👥 ER focuses on interactions with posts published by the page, while SII includes both posts published by fans on the page and interactions with those posts.

This means ER reflects the engagement of your content, while SII represents the overall engagement of your page.

💡An SII spike could indicate a "crisis" like a service outage or a promotion gone wrong, while an ER spike suggests a highly engaging piece of content.

👥 SII assigns different weights to various types of interactions, making comments more valuable than likes and shares more valuable than comments

💡If you share a viral post or one that sparks discussion, your SII graph will spike more significantly than your ER.

👥 SII considers community size and adjusts for it, allowing you to directly compare engagement levels for pages with different follower counts.

☝️ Overall, SII is a more accurate index for gauging engagement on a Facebook Page.

So why do we still show ER?

Its formula is simpler and more intuitive, making it easier to understand! Plus, it's a long-standing standard across various social analytics tools, despite its imperfections.

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