In the unlikely event that you realize that some of your profiles aren't showing up when trying to add them, first thing's first. Do not panic, I'm here to walk you through this traumatizing experience.

This can occur during the initial authorization process while selecting your profiles, but forgetting to select all other profiles as well. In the event that you'd like to add all of the additional profiles that you did not initially, you'll notice that when you head to "project settings", these profiles aren't showing up. Uh oh!

To make them reappear, simply log onto your Facebook account that is linked with  the profiles that you'd like to add, and head on over to the settings section as shown below:

Once you've done that, click on "Business Integrations" on the left hand side panel, and from there you'll be able to delete NapoleonCat from your current Active Business Integrations. Take a look below: 

Now, after doing that, head on over back to NapoleonCat and add a profile. This should be fixed and you'll be ready to Rock n' Roll!

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