It's safe to say that the data that is gathered by NapoleonCat is essential to helping you strategize your next paramount business move. That sounds fancy, and it is. That's why it is also important to understand the ways in which it is acquired. Luckily, all of that and more will be explained in this article :)

I'll start off by mentioning that the archived range depends on the plan that you're currently subscribed to, here's how that looks:

Standard: 12 months
Pro: 24 months

Here's how this works. From the day that you register, you automatically get two months of previous data. Whoa! And from there on, depending on your plan, your data will now start gathering to its designated limit. 

Attention Free Trial Users: If you're currently on a free trial, we've got you covered as well. You get access to 2 months of previous data as well. 

All of the wonderful data is included except for "number of fans" which in turn means that your engagement rate is automatically affected by this.
For a more in-depth explanation on Engagement Rate, check out the following article (What is Engagement Rate or ER?)

Important: the available data from the period before the date of account creation is not always guaranteed. As far as Facebook pages go, we can scan data retroactively for an additional fee. Should you need this, let us know and we'll be more than happy to assist!

Now. You'll want to export that data to get a closer look. For a closer look on exporting data, check out this useful article (Exporting your data from NapoleonCat)

As far as real-time data is concerned, it is very important to consider that data from a managed profile will be gathered and synced with your account within 24 hours from the time of its creation, so if you don't see anything yet, be patient my friend, it's coming!

You'll of course also be able to export this data as well, and here's how to do that! (Generating Facebook & Instagram reports).

Let the data gathering commence!


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