Today I'll be teaching you how to use NapoleonCat's Publisher to guessed it... Publish to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ channels. 

Let's begin! 

First thing that you'll want to do is click the "Publisher" icon on the left-hand side panel. Once you've entered into the Publisher itself, you'll find the managed profiles that you're able to work with as shown below: 

If you're wondering, yes you can publish content to multiple profiles at the same time. Although this is undoubtedly a great time-saver to have in your arsenal, keep in mind that not every channel is treated equally.  Fear not, we give you the option to adapt your message to each platform. 

Important: When choosing the profile you want to work on, make sure it is highlighted in blue

Important: To add additional profiles simply select the "+" next to the desired profile, it will now be highlighted in yellow.

Next up, I'd like to focus your attention on the next window which is the heart of our Publisher:

As mentioned previously, depending on the channels you choose to publish to, you'll be met with varying degrees of customization. This includes the ability to:

  • Add a link 
  • Add an image
  • Add an album
  • Add a video 

With the menu underneath these options, allowing you to either:

  • Schedule a post
  • Limit the news feed visibility of your post ( dark posts )
  • Limit the post to be visible ONLY to certain people
  • Add a label to the desired post

That's a lot of options! 

You might have noticed a padlock near the lower right hand side, it looks like this:

This feature might come in handy when you're bulk posting. Here's how it works. When writing inside the text box, the padlock is by default left locked. What this means is that any text that you write, will also reflect the other profiles that you selected. There are instances where you want some information to be relayed to just one profile, but not to another. This is where the padlock comes to the rescue! If you want the certain text to be reflected to only that one profile, you can hit the padlock to unlock and now the message will only be designated to that profile!

Let's start with the ability to schedule a post. 

Publishing a post at a specific time is crucial when factoring the reach and engagement of your content, the ability to schedule a post helps with that tremendously. 

Clicking on the date drop-down menu will open up a mini calendar. If you set the date for tomorrow for example, the yellow "Publish" button will turn into a beautiful "Schedule" button. Alternatively, you can also save it as a draft, should you need to double check your work in case you're worried about that pesky coworker that hunts you down each time you mix up "your" with "you're" :) 

To make things more convenient, we've added a full sized calendar to help you navigate and get a better picture of the content that you have published, as well as your scheduled posts.

Clicking on the specific date and post will bring up a new window showing you the content of the post as we all as the ability to:

  • Delegate to a teammate
  • Edit post
  • Delete post
  • Send to Publish

You'll notice an "Export Posts" Panel near the calendar, which will allow for you to do just that, export your posts and get a complete overview of what you've already posted, and scheduling to post. There are multiple filters to choose from when exporting including:

  • Export to: Word (docx)
  • Filter by type: All, Facebook, Facebook ( hidden posts only ), Twitter, Instagram, Google Pages
  • Filter by status: All Posts, Scheduling, Awaiting, Published, Drafts, Deleted, Delegated  
  • Filter by post label
  • Filter by date

Once you hit the big "Export" button, a .Word file will be generated momentarily and you'll be able to adore history of published posts in all of their glory!

Apart from the ability to limit your news feed visibility of your Facebook posts, you can also make it so that your post is visible ONLY to certain people who meet your chosen guidelines.

There are many attributes to choose from, so go nuts! Gender, Age, Countries and even Languages.

Important: Within the right-hand side corner, you'll notice two tick boxes, if you're looking to post a dark post, tick the designated box.

Also important: You're also given a chance to publish your post as a scheduled Facebook post right away, should you need it.

*sigh*  You still there? We're now approacing the finish line :) 

Next up is the ability to label these posts, in the event that you want to keep your posts as organized as possible in order to track them accordingly. The labels, or tags, are created in your Project Settings and can be edited here: 

Now if you don't consider that an in-depth guide, I don't know what is. Chances are, you've probably test driven the "Publisher" but now with this guide, you can push it to its limits! Good luck and have fun!


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